Superb Bed & Breakfast Country House on Madeira island

Vila Afonso Madeira

Choosing a hotel in Madeira? You may want to check out this astounding Country house bed and breakfast hotel located on the sunny south coast with panoramic views from the mountains to the sea. Vila Afonso is surrounded by gardens, banana groves and vineyards which produce the famous Madeira Wine.

Beautifully positioned in Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, the Vila Afonso is set in a privileged agricultural area, which is known primarily for the production of the famous Madeira Wine.

The villa benefits from a panoramic view of Câmara de Lobos, on the fringes of the sea, with interesting fishing and agricultural activity, thanks to the rare beauty of the banana groves and vineyards which add to the landscape of Madeira. As it is located at the centre of the Southern coast, the rest of Madeira island is very accessible

Vila Afonso has an agricultural area of around 7000m2 where you can witness the production of wine and banana cultivation first hand.

On the land belonging to Vila Alfonso, guests have the opportunity to enjoy the banana groves and vineyards that produce the famous Madeira Wine, which can be enjoyed in a small tavern situated in the main building.

3 Km (10 min.) to the North begins one of the most beautiful watercourses of Madeira “Levada do Norte (Northern Watercourse)”.

10 min. to the south you will find the vast Atlantic Ocean, where you can swim at the beach of Câmara de Lobos.

Before you look any further for accommodation for your next visit to Madeira island, check out the Vila Afonso website and see what your next stay could look like.

Visit the website here:

Outdoor activities on Madeira Island with the experts

Harmony in Nature

Harmony in Nature‘ is a company dedicated to active tourism with amazing outdoor services ranging from the sea to the mountains, all unveiling the hidden beauty of Madeira island.

They are experts in canyoningcoasteeringclimbing and organising events for groups and incentives which provide unforgettable moments of companionship and adventure, all in harmony with nature.

The company ‘Harmony in Nature‘ was founded in 2007 and they appreciate and respect nature in its most purest state.

Highly recommended in TripAdvisor and recipient of the Certificate of Excellence 2017, Harmony in Nature is your best choice for active adventure holidays on Madeira Island.

You choose your adventure..
They will take care of the rest!


The Rise of Social Media Customer Care

Customer care is an integral part of every business’s success. Customer service is a way of building a better relationship with your customers, thus increasing the opportunities for a positive impact on sales and customer loyalty.

Social media has not only emerged as a platform for marketing and advertising, but it is also a great place to build a caring community that would get social and engage with your customers, which is a must for boosting your brand’s image. In the infographic below, Website Builder outlines the benefits and the importance of social media customer care.

Social Media Customer Care

Thanks to Mallee Blue Media for the Valuable Insights.

How Can You Use Social Media Marketing to Give Your Business a Boost?

Social Media Marketing

For any business to improve sales figures, it is essential that their visibility is increased drastically. But to increase visibility, more funds are required for promoting and advertisements. However, not all business owners can afford extra marketing expenses. There are certain ways to still increase the visibility of your business without having to spend too much money. When funds are low, you have to invest more time to improve your products’ visibility.  In this article, you will learn about some easy methods you can use to enhance your business potential through the use of social media.

Using social media

No business can today ignore social media and not utilize its potential to maximize business to the maximum. With social media, you can get free marketing, and your products will reach a variety of users throughout the world from varied demographics. You can use this information to narrow down your target demography. You can also learn what your customers are truly looking for, what are their likes and dislikes and based on that you can fashion your products and services. You can post about your products, your opinions, your thoughts, ask for customer feedback, their opinions, et cetera. You will engage a lot of people via social media to your business than you would have through any other forms of media. Social media is a more interactive platform, and you can use this to your advantage.

Video tutorials and blogs

Creating good video tutorials is a simple but effective method to let people know about you and your product. Upload videos on sites like YouTube, your social media profiles, your business website’s homepage. Teach your viewers something that is interesting or useful, something which people would like to do. For instance, you can upload simple do-it-yourself videos of various things, like building a small telescope. You can upload videos relating to music, teach them how to play the guitar, et cetera. In between these videos tell them about your business too and what services you provide. Videos must be simple and easy to understand.

You should create a blog for your business. Put content that is relevant and interesting and is related to your niche areas. Blogging will generate more views on your website. Research topics that are trending and post your thoughts about them. Do not always write about your products only; sometimes users might just want to read something that is not implicitly trying to make them buy something. So at times, provide light reading material. But the content has to be engaging.

These methods will ensure that you get more views on your website. More views will generate more revenue. These alternative methods can help you generate extra fund for your business which will be handy for you and not let you fall into any debts. Many companies easily fall into debts because they cannot get profits, but you can use social media to generate extra cash to not only help you stay out of debt but also provide you with free marketing.


Social media is a convenient platform for various business ventures to serve their marketing requirements. You must invest adequate time and energy on social media to create a strong online presence because this will help your business grow faster.

Why has social media become a marketer’s favourite tool for promotion?

Social Media Marketing

These days a whole lot of population is on the social media website, sharing their daily stories and business plans with the world. The upcoming entrepreneurs in the market inevitably take social media as the next big thing for the marketing of their business. To increase the marketing social media certainly, helps out the entrepreneurs in the best way.

Before the looming of social media, the new entrepreneurs in the market had to take the way of advertisements to market their business plans and get the desired consumer base. This proved to be quite expensive for the newly stepped in entrepreneurs and led to their downfall or financial crisis.

To manage the crisis of the business downfall there came in to help out the young businessman. This way they will be able to eliminate their financial crisis and get to the heights of their business. Following are some of the advantages of the usage of social media for marketing:

  • ïBetter Brand Recognition: The new customer will get to know about your brand efficiently. For example, your business will shine on the newsfeed of the people, and they will have a look at your business model. This way you will be able to achieve the target audience more cheaply. Your brand and business will get a voice via marketing on social media.
  • ïEnhanced Opportunities: The blog posts and the image updates will help you out in interacting with the new and old customer at once. The increased popularity of your posts on social media will help you out in increasing your brand popularity. This way enhanced opportunities will knock on your door and this way you will be able to earn higher revenue.
  • ïLoyal Customers: The tools that you are using social media to market your business will help you out in enhancing your brand loyalty. Since the tools used on social media are interactive and are open, you will be able to gauge the audience and get loyal customers for your brand. This way you are enhancing your consumer base and making revenue for a lifetime.
  • ïElement Of Mankind: The interaction that the young entrepreneurs will have with their consumers will give in a personal touch to their business. Social media will help out by adding the element of humanity via marketing, and consumer base will increase enormously.
  • ïPersonal Touch: Marketing on social media will give in a personal touch to your business, and this will enhance the customer base. This way you will earn higher profits, and that will prove to be helpful for your business.

To conclude, social media has its impact on the consumers. Marketing using the social media tools will prove to be a lot beneficial for your company. You will be able to take away the consumer base in the market. This can be done by using strategic plans to enhance the social media marketing and will help you out in scooping through the cutthroat competition in the market.

Author bio: The formula of marketing worlds has changed vastly. In this post, Isabella has mentioned about how social media has presently taken over marketing. At the same time, she has thrown light on the debt.

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