Outdoor Activities & Adventure Holidays on Madeira Island

Outdoor Activities on Madeira Island

Harmony in Nature‘ is a company dedicated to active tourism with amazing outdoor activities ranging from the sea to the mountains, all unveiling the hidden beauty of Madeira island.

They are experts in canyoningcoasteeringclimbing and organising events for groups and incentives which provide unforgettable moments of companionship and adventure, all in harmony with nature.

The company ‘Harmony in Nature‘ was founded in 2007 and they appreciate and respect nature in its most purest state.

Highly recommended in TripAdvisor and recipient of the Certificate of Excellence 2017, Harmony in Nature is your best choice for active adventure holidays on Madeira Island.

You choose your adventure..
They will take care of the rest!

Apartment Hotel Hamburg Hamm

The Apartment-Hotel Hamburg Mitte is your business hotel and the hotel for your short break in Hamburg. All rooms are equipped with shower, toilet, direct dial telephone, satellite TV, kitchenette with fridge and microwave. In addition, all rooms have a balcony and free high-speed Wi-Fi.

The Apartment-Hotel Hamburg Mitte have launched their new website which has been developed by the international web design agency ‘Navega Bem‘.
This is the third time ‘Navega Bem‘ has created a successful website for the hotel since 2006. Each new edition encompasses the latest technology ensuring the website is available to everyone on every possible device and in the most user friendly way possible.

Visit the new Apartment Hotel Hamburg Mitte website here.

To learn more about professional websites that generate traffic and income, visit Navega Bem Web Design.

Social Media Marketing Has Become Key to Succeeding in Today Fierce Competition

Social Media Marketing
Every day a new business organization builds its set up, and very soon it also realizes the competition in the market. We all are aware of the fact that fast rate of companies is shutting down and growing. There are several activities performed by the business organizations every single day which is highly essential for every business for stable survival in the competitive market. Nowadays whether an established or a start-up organization, belonging to any portal are following the social media which is one of the crucial platforms to enhance its brand reputation in the market and also help in enhancing the sales output.

Some vital fact on how social media plays a vital role in business growth:

  1. Easy and better communication

For every business sector, it is highly required to establish a proper connection with its customer. Social media is best and interactive medium among two parties. With the help of proper communication, the customer thinks positive about the brand and show more interest in it.

  1. Evolution and Goodwill

Social is one of the effective ways to enhance the goodwill of a brand. This domain allows a better connection and relation which brings good name and fame to the brand. The power of a word through social media marketing is very enduring and active Process. Through social media, a word is spread very faster from one person to another. So, it can be easily observed by the people who are looking for quality service provided by the brand. Thus, it directly improves your brand value and name.

  1. Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is another important part of social media. While running a business especially for the new business owners, it is a bit worried whether their company will survive in the market or not. But with the help of this monitoring one can easily find out the remarks about a brand on the web. It helps the business owner to make understand everything and plan every step accordingly. Through online, your manager can easily check what your competitors are up to. It will further help in taking a proper step for your business development because proper thinking and analysis decide each step.

  1. Globalised Methodology

With the advancement of latest technology, each business sector prefers to go global through online. Social networking platform plays a major role in performing the task. If you promote your organization or brand globally, it will not only bring you good sales but also improve the potential of the brand manifold.

If you belong to financial advisory business, then social media will be highly beneficial for you for getting more targeted clients through online. You can book these social media service from an online service provider who will promote your business as well. For more information about debt consolidating service,


Collect a huge number of the online targeted customer by promoting your brand through social media and improve your brand value. If you choose professional experts for your social media promotion, then you will achieve success within a short span of time.

Bienvenue à Madère


Venez me rejoindre dans ce programme découverte

Accompagnés par un guide officiel français résidant à Madère, votre séjour se fera tantôt par route, toujours entre terre et mer, le long des itinéraires qui longent l’océan à perte de vue ou qui pénètrent les nombreuses vallées verdoyantes, tantôt à pied pour de somptueuses balades au cœur d’espaces vierges et intimes, débouchant sur d’inoubliables paysages. Votre immersion vous plongera dans l’Histoire de Madère et dans sa gastronomie : vous aurez l’occasion de vous délecter des spécialités culinaires locales, de déguster le vin de réputation internationale de Madère, choisi pour célébrer l’Indépendance des Etats Unis, de découvrir l’histoire de la culture de la canne à sucre qui, jadis, attira des commerçants de renommée mondiale comme Christophe Colomb, et, aujourd’hui, permet la production d’un des meilleurs rhums au monde.

Je suis Français d’origine portugaise, né à Poitiers ou j’y ai suivi toute mon éducation scolaire. C’est porté par une âme aventurière que j’ai découvert l’Europe à travers de multiples voyages pour finalement, après un gros coup de cœur, poser mes valises à Madère.

Désormais guide de montagne officiel expérimenté et représentant des éditions du Petit Futé, responsable pour l’actualisation du guide de Madère,  je mets à profit mes connaissances approfondies du terrain et de ses infrastructures pour vous proposer un programme intime, qui se définit par une découverte culturelle et historique mais aussi par des expériences culinaires qui mettront en avant la richesse du patrimoine gastronomique local.

Un programme « découverte », intime et gourmand, pour une semaine mémorable.

Discover the Best Mountain & Sea Activities on Madeira Island

AroundFreedom Madeira

AroundFreedom is a concept which we want to transmit to our guests; the background being the paradisiacal island of Madeira.

Aroundfreedom is a company specialised in sea and mountain activities.

The green/blue concept is present in all our activities. Our aim is to ensure that all moments are intensely lived by our guests, and that they feel the freedom that our activities and unique experiences are able to grant them.

Exploiting the natural resources that the Island of Madeira has to offer you, enjoying the sea with its blue greenish, pleasant mild waters, through the SUP tours on the seashore, or learning how to surf on its wonderful volcanic sand beaches on the northeastern part of the island, or into the mountains dazzled by the landscapes, breathing the pure fresh air, discovering the fresh water springs, the waterfalls cutting into the deep canyons most of the times ending in exuberant lagoons of crystalline waters with stunning blues and greens and a unique world renowned forest, the “Laurissilva of the Island of Madeira”.  Is there any better feeling than that to feel the freedom of when one is in contact with nature in its purest form?

We render a service of quality with a professional team allowing us to ensure that all our activities are performed and enjoyed to the fullest maintaining the highest standards of security.

Visit AroundFreedom here.

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