Can Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

Digital marketing seems to be on the rise at the moment with more businesses taking the e-commerce approach to capture customers who, most of the time, are online. Given the growth in technology, at one point digital marketing will replace traditional marketing. Although at this particular time, they work to supplement one another. 

In the last couple of years, most entrepreneurs have been finding it hard to do without digital marketing because of the advantages it provides. Below are advantages that accrue from online marketing:

1.  Provides an avenue to target specific customers

While the world is becoming more interconnected, ways of targeting clients are also becoming more pronounced. Digital platforms are providing more data for marketers to use to create targeted advertising based on consumer beliefs, interests, and lifestyles. When you run these advertisements on Facebook or Google, you can catch the attention of an audience that was initially neglected. Digital marketing mimics a GPS which tends to give you a specific location. However, some businesses are still reliant on traditional marketing and have thrived on it. If you deal with a brand that requires customized advertising, digital marketing would be perfect for you.

2.  Cost-effective 

Marketing carries a bigger budget for small businesses. Digital marketing compared to other forms is more cost-effective. Costs incurred to launch a marketing plan are low and the impact they offer is significant. When you source the services of digital marketing companies such as SEO Tactica, you are guaranteed enhanced visibility online which increases traffic on your website. Increased traffic translates into elevated sales and ultimately more revenue. Given that most of the work SEO companies do is online, they tend to charge affordable rates for the services they render. 

3.  Success is easy to measure

It is easy to ascertain the success of a digital marketing campaign. The veracity of a digital campaign can be determined shortly after it is launched compared to a traditional campaign. Entrepreneurs can use email marketing software to measure the output. With such software, you can tell how many emails were delivered and read by the recipient. You can also leverage tools such as Google Analytics to measure the goals that you had set at the beginning of the campaign. 

4.  Digital marketing is global

Digitization has turned the global market into a village where when you upload an advertisement, it becomes visible to people across the world. For small companies, this is an opportunity for them to go global. In recent years, most of the big companies we see today grew significantly from digital marketing

Traditional marketing existed long ago before online marketing. While digital marketing has its merits, traditional marketing also has its share of benefits. Here are the reasons why conventional marketing is still useful:

1.  Gets you the local audience with ease 

Traditional marketing involves the utilization of platforms such as print (newspapers), broadcast (FM radios and television), mail (postcards), outdoor (billboards) as well as telephone (SMS marketing). These platforms may seem dated but they still attract numerous people. 

2.  Easy to understand

For consumers with limited literacy on digital marketing, traditional marketing ensures that they are not left out. This kind of marketing does not require a detailed explanation as the content being promoted is straightforward. A flyer or billboard conveys the message clearly and concisely.

3.  Ads can be kept

Online content does not require printing or broadcasting. Therefore tools used for traditional marketing can be stored to be viewed at a later time. Additionally, the materials used can be kept and recycled to produce other things.

4.  Higher success rate

Despite the increased popularity of digital marketing, conventional marketing has been found to have a higher success rate. Online content may reach global markets but it does not mean that it will reach your potential customer who will be prompted to make purchases. You ought to know that not everyone interested in your brand has access to online platforms or can go online to search for what you are selling. When you implement a digital marketing campaign, you may lose these potential consumers to the competition. Therefore, traditional marketing is relevant, more convenient, and will improve your revenue significantly. 

Final thought

Digital marketing may seem trendy at the moment but traditional marketing is still useful and influential. For the former to surpass the latter, there is a need for the tech experts to develop content that caters to the needs of the older generation which seems not to gel with technology.

Understanding How The Pandemic Has Affected The Demand For Web Design & Development Services

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Key Insights

  • 91.2% of respondents reported an increase in demand for at least one area of website design and development services
  • Remote work has driven demand for web security and “conversation-centric features”  
  • The COVID pandemic drove many businesses to put more effort into their online presence, with web design and development proving to be one of the fastest-growing digital industries

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Source: DesignRush

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Why Video is The New King of Content

‘Content is King!’ This was a statement made by Bill Gates as far back as 1996. He predicted that paid advertising would become a thing of the past, and online written content would become the new key to marketing. 

Over the years, he has been proven right. Content has become a significant player in the world of SEO, and businesses have had to find ways to fill their websites with written content. 

Twenty-four years later and written content is still an integral part of digital marketing and people’s online experiences. 

However, a new player is emerging that has a unique power to propel brands forward – video content. There are many advantages of video content, and increasingly it is how a lot of people absorb information, especially young people. 

To find out more about how video content can benefit your business, read on. 

It’s User-Friendly

Video content is user-friendly. People can watch and listen without the need to read long paragraphs of information. 

Video content with subtitles is even better, as a lot of people watch videos with the sound off while watching TV or sitting on public transport. In fact, in one Forbes article, they refer to a study that showed that 50% of consumers are more likely to watch a video with subtitles. 

In the SEO world, the importance of keeping your online platforms user-friendly is well known. People are likely to quickly move away from your content if it takes a long time to load or is too confusing. Not only does this result in them not digesting your content, but it also lowers the authority of your website, as Google does not look favorably upon websites that people quickly leave. 

That is why having a good website is so important, but unfortunately, many beginners often miss out on crucial web design steps which can ultimately cost them visitors. To ensure that your website is built correctly, you can follow this step-by-step guide from This covers all the basics and helps you make sure that your site is mobile friendly so that all users can easily access your platform. 

Video Appeals to Consumers With a Short Attention Span

Thanks to the advancement in technology, global attention spans are narrowing. People no longer want to read long articles, preferring instead to watch videos. We recommend keeping most of your videos under a minute. When someone sees a video, but it is too long, they will often not bother to watch it, whereas if the video is short, they might think it worth their time. 

Your Competitors Can’t Copy It

With so many people trying to find ways to get ahead of the competition and get their brand out there, copy-cats have become increasingly common. Many people write online content that is created by re-wording content that already exists. As a result, it is common to see lots of similar articles on the first page of Google. 

However, it is very difficult to copy someone’s video. Even if the information is copied, you can not copy an individual’s personality and brand very easily. 

You Can Inject Personality Into Boring Topics

Video is a great way to bring excitement to boring topics. Let your personality shine through, and people will love to watch you. Other people choose to have videos where objects fly in and out, or music is put in the background. You have so many creative possibilities with videos that just aren’t possible with written content. 

You Can Showcase Your Personal Branding

When it comes to most industries, many consumers would prefer to buy a service from a person rather than a company. Personal branding is powerful because even if your company does not succeed, your personal brand will continue. 

The best way to build a personal brand? Start making videos! When people can feel like they can get to know you through your content, they will want to keep coming back to your service. 

One great tip is to brand your videos. Have your logo or name displayed on your video, so that you are recognizable and connected to your business’s brand. 

It Helps Builds Audiences

Video builds trust, credibility, and engages audiences. It also boosts conversion rates and social shares. People are often more likely to engage in video content.  According to Hubspot, video can increase conversions by 80%, so it’s a valuable tool for any growing business. 

Search Engines Love Video

Written content used to be the key to getting your website higher up on Google, and even today, it needs to remain a central focus for your website. 

However, increasingly, video is becoming just as important. It engages audiences and keeps them on your site for longer, which Google recognizes as a signal of website success. 


Overall, video marketing is only growing. From Youtube to Facebook Live and beyond, there are many opportunities to take advantage of this growing trend. Videos are now easy to make, with fantastic cameras and microphones available on most phones. Therefore, video is no longer just for big brands; every business and even freelancer should be utilizing video. 

Rethinking your welcoming strategy

Rethinking your welcoming strategy

Your website serves two entirely individual purposes although both are very much connected. You want to display interesting information about your services or products and at the same time facilitate the purchase or booking of them. Of course, the most effective strategy is to offer both things to a visitor within the same viewing session.
However, as a matter of fact, guests to your website are going to be either returning visitors or first time viewers – and they both have quite different intentions.

The Welcome

First time visitors will be familiarising themselves with what you have to offer. They are learning about your services, your adeptness at delivering them, viewing your photos and getting a feel for who you are as a company. They want to know exactly what you do and how you do it. This initial assessment will help them decide if it is something that they can benefit from.

On the contrary, viewers that have visited your website before already know what you are about and have in essence decided that they could take advantage of your services or products. They don’t need the introductory information you offer first time visitors – they want to get down to business and analyse dates, prices and conditions. In fact a returning visitor is 200% more likely to become a paying customer than someone that is visiting your site for the very first time.

So what is the solution?
By structuring your homepage in such a way that it will divide this site traffic, you can welcome and serve both types of visitor effectively and efficiently.

Targeting First Time Visitors

Rather than hitting first time visitors with a special offer or financial benefits, you should ideally impress upon the visitor that your product/service is the best option available for them. Show them that they will have the most benefit, success or enjoyment by committing to you. Once they conclude they are in good hands with what you have to offer they will have a positive sense of confidence.
By presenting your competence and value for money you are creating a situation where visitors are convincing themselves that your website is the logical place to book or purchase.

The Returning Visitors

There can be no doubt that the majority of returning visitors have come back for simply one reason. They like what they see and they have most likely visited some of your competitors websites to get a real sense of how you measure up. They want to get down to business and this is your opportunity to heighten their appetite by not only welcoming them back (this can be easily achieved with the use of cookies) but also by providing them with a good reason to go ahead and make that purchase/booking today on your website – and by providing them with a direct link to your reservation/booking/purchase area of the site. This will fast track them through the site visitation process and make it much more likely that they become a paying customer.

The Strategy – In part 🙂

Structure your homepage and subsequent pages to allow for fast and attractive viewing of the information you have to offer – couple that with a ‘call to action’ that allows for a direct link to booking/purchase options. This is the ideal way to optimise the welcoming of both new and returning visitors to your website.

Ideally you want to display both options in the top area of the page (above the fold) that is visible when the site opens. 

Contact us to learn more about effective website strategies that promote successful sales. You can request a proposal for your next project here or simply send us an email to

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