Website + Real Estate CRM for Property Agencies


CRM for Property Agencies

Our attractive and easy to manage real estate sites are built to generate leads and promote the sale of residential or commercial properties.


Automate! Save yourself the trouble! Our intuitive solution allows you to assign a profile to each client, from there you can manually select a list of properties to send, or schedule automatic submissions. Simple, that’s how it is!

Leads/Deals Management

Did you know that contacts replied to in the first 5 minutes have a higher conversion rate? Do you still create customers manually? Is your response time too long? Optimize the relationship with your clients, sell more and better!

CRM – Sales & New Listings Funnels

Centralize all your customer management. No more forgetting important things with our solution, and better yet, keep an activity history, central to the statistical analysis that drives your business.

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Natural Ingredients and Dietary Supplements


NatureXtracts has launched its new website which highlights the launch of NX Immunity Essentials, an essential selection of minerals, vitamins and choline to support and strengthen the immune system.

Superior quality has always been the goal of NatureXtracts!
NatureXtracts natural extracts are produced from selected high quality raw materials. Their raw material suppliers must fulfil strict quality requirements to guarantee that the integrity of their extracts is consistent.

The site was developed by award winning web design agency Navega Bem.

Visit the new NatureXtracts website here.

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