3 Simple Tips For Increasing Conversions On Social Media

Conversions On Social media

Social media is an important channel for businesses. It gives you access to a diverse and populous space where you can grow your following, sell your products, and showcase your brand on a rich, creative channel.

But chasing those all-important conversions can be tricky. There are always things you can be doing to improve your conversion rate. So read on to discover four simple tips for increasing conversions on social.

Increasing conversions are just one aspect of a successful social strategy — you also need good, solid growth. Discover four creative ways to grow your social following here.

Provide genuine value in your social campaigns

Social media brings millions of people (and businesses) together, so it’s only natural that there’s a lot of information to work through — not all of it useful. If you want your social strategy to succeed, you need to deliver value.

Whatever the goals of your social campaign — sell a product, increase signups to a mailing list, and so on — you need to provide genuine value alongside it. Customers won’t convert unless they feel as though they’re getting some in return, and it’s up to you to provide it.

The best way to achieve this is by understanding your target audience on a deep, granular level. If you sell security cameras, for example, then your target consumer will likely have an interest in home security — you can then provide tips and advice on securing your home beyond cameras.

The way this value is presented matters too. Blogs are effective for outlining information in short, snappy sentences, but videos are also a great way to explain difficult concepts through visual means.

In the same vein, infographics are great for conveying dense stats and data in an easy to understand way. Use an intuitive infographic creator to easily turn otherwise impregnable facts into simple, understandable concepts.

Create landing pages that your customers can trust

While they’re not hosted on your social media pages, your landing pages play an important role in your social conversion rate. They should continue the visual and stylistic tone of your social content, building a connection between your social ad and your landing page.

From font styles and colors to tone of voice and vocabulary used, a number of aspects go into creating this connection.

Without this semantic link, your customers will feel disconnected. The difference between each element will cause them to lose trust in you, and in turn will lose you that important conversion too.

Your landing page should foster the following qualities if you want to keep customers converting:

  • Messages and meaning: your copy, headers, call-to-action, and so on should mirror the message and meaning of the originating social ad or post. If your social copy offers a free discount code, for instance, your header and surrounding copy should offer the same.
  • User-friendly design: a user-friendly landing page keeps users onpage and encourages conversions. Minimalist design and easily navigable menus are crucial here.
  • Visual style: photos, fonts, colors, design, and other visual elements should be the same across your social post or ad and your landing page.
  • Trust signals: build trust with reliable supporting material. Show trust badges to inspire confidence and ensure your supporting material looks professional — use an invoice template for Excel for a quick and user-friendly option.

Use a dedicated landing page builder to create a landing page that is high-specification and delivers results. These tools let you build landing pages that are supported by data and offer accuracy and, crucially, conversions too.

Get laser-precise with your audience targeting

If you’re a novice when it comes to social ad campaigns, it can be easy to simply target your content to every possible customer. The more people that see it, the better results you’ll get, right?

But the truth is, the campaigns that deliver the most conversions are those that are specifically targeted to set audiences. For instance, if you show your ads for men’s cologne to Facebook users aged in their early teens, you’d probably get less response than if you targeted it at men aged in their twenties and older.

Most businesses have established customer personas for their products. They use them to inform everything from product development to marketing copy. These personas include such elements as interests, income, gender, location, and so on.

Use these personas to target specific ads to specific people. Create ads that specifically address customer pain points and then use social media’s built-in targeting features to show them to those audiences that are most likely to respond to them.

Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature is especially good here. It lets you build new audiences using data from your existing customers online. As a result, you can target your ads to customers outside of your follower base but who are still more likely to respond and convert.

Social media is an essential part of your growing business. If you want to increase conversions in 2020, follow the tips above and soon you’ll see your conversion rates soar.

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4 Creative Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following

4 Creative Ways To Grow Your Social Following

Whether you love or hate social media, its relevance in the business world is undeniable. Brands everywhere use it to drive their development, promote their products, and connect with their customers. Used effectively, it can even allow small companies to compete with much larger brands in certain regards.

If you’re going to make best use of it, though, you need to grow your pool of followers. Provided they’re relevant, having more followers is always better, offering more opportunities, more feedback, and more credibility throughout the online world. To help you build up your social media presence, here are 4 creative tips for growing your social following:

Run some competitions

Social media users love taking part in competitions. It’s engaging, challenging, creatively motivating, and — most importantly — enjoyable. The typical tasks (design a logo, suggest a name, take a photo meeting set criteria) are fun in isolation, but they’re even better when the participants know others are getting involved.

If you can come up with a decent idea that pertains to your business (or personality) with clear terms and an adequate hashtag (Sprout Social has some tips for this), it can work extremely well: it can get your existing followers recommending you to others (or simply posting very prominently about you), and even catch the attention of the general social media world by getting into trending terms.

Mimic your target audience

How do you engage with your followers? Do you stick to stilted business talk, eager to come across as professional? That isn’t the best way to proceed. People respond well to others like them: if they use very informal language online, they’re going to want to engage with others who are comparably formal. Tonal mismatch is a very common problem.

So how should you talk to social media users? Well, you’ll need to practice and iterate (to quote Jericho Writers on writing dialogue, getting speech right is an art), but the core idea should be to mimic the people you’re trying to reach. Look at notable influencers in your field to see how they phrase things. Are they upbeat? Cynical? Blasé? If a particular tone is resonating with people, consider how you can adapt your posts accordingly.

Pursue relevant collaborations

It’s quite obvious, but it’s important to note here that there are many large followings out there already, and many of them will have extensive overlap with the audience you’re trying to reach. You should look for influential social media figures with relevant followings but no overlap with whatever you bring to the table. For instance, if you’re selling things online, you should try to find influencers who provide services (or merely entertainment).

If you can find such influencers, you can propose some collaborations. The idea of a social media collaboration is simple: you work with an influencer on a project, with each of you contributing a significant portion, and you both get to take credit for it. When it’s finished, you link to the content and the other influencer, and they do the same in return. Each of you gets exposed to a new audience, and everyone benefits.

Use more video content

If you’re only using text (and possibly images) in your social media content, you’re wasting a great opportunity to get a lot more attention. Video gets noticed, and all the more so when it’s used in social media where it typically plays automatically as soon as someone scrolls over it. We can’t help looking at it: we see motion and we have to see what’s happening.

Not sure what types of video to create? There are plenty of options, but why not start by making some basic guides to industry topics? They can be quick summaries of vital issues or definitions (anything between ten and sixty seconds), with simple presentation and limited promotion. If people find them useful, they’ll share them, and anyone who happens upon them and is impressed with your expertise will be far more likely to reward it with a follow.

To make the most of social media, you need as many followers as possible. Try using these 4 creative methods for expanding your follower base. It’s sure to make a difference.

How E-learning Can Benefit Companies in any Industry

Business corporations- from small startups to worldwide conglomerates- are increasingly abandoning the traditional on-site training as well as classroom learning programs for their staff members and adopting the more efficient eLearning programs. This new trend has been proven to be more cost-effective than not only the on-site training models but also the Instruction-Led model of Learning and Development (L&D) models. Time-saving is also a key reason why many organisations are opting to adopt eLearning as their primary training program. Its ultimate advantage, however, is its ability to produce optimal, unprecedented results, consequently leading to increased productivity and higher revenue.

No one can downplay the importance of efficiency in business. It saves time and energy, allowing you to focus on other revenue or lead-generating activities. Even though you will need a big upfront investment to fully implement the eLearning model in your business, you will later realize that it was worth every penny. For starters, online corporate training doesn’t need as big a training budget as face-to-face training demands. You will achieve more for less, which is basically the dream of every business owner or manager.

In this post, we focus on the top 5 benefits that your company stands to gain should it implement to adopt eLearning as its primary training platform.

1.      It isn’t as tedious as the old school learning models

No one really loves to sit in a classroom for a whole day listening to instructors’ long and mostly boring lectures, including both your new hires and current employees. That is why customized eLearning solutions are gaining popularity in not only the business world but also amongst nonprofits and religious organizations. It will enable you to proactively and efficiently train your employees and equip them with invaluable, specialized knowledge without getting them bored.

And because eLearning isn’t as tedious as the old school training methods, it makes it easier for your employees to gain the intended expertise faster so that they can consistently perform at their best. Most importantly, online training strategies make it easier for you to gauge your staff’s level of knowledge and productivity.

2.      Reduced training costs

If you have used the outdated classroom training before, then you probably understand how costly it is to source for trainers and organize for different classes for different groups. That’s not all: Sometimes you are forced to source trainers from abroad, which means more expenses in regards to their accommodation, food, and travel expenses. And if you have multiple offices that are based in different locations, then you have to budget for employees’ travel and accommodation expenses if they are all to be trained in one location.

The good news is that eLearning doesn’t require any travel or accommodation costs as everything is done online. Employees based in multiple locations do not have to travel in order to take their intended course because eLearning courses can be taken from anywhere and at any time. What’s more, eLearning allows you to engage a professional translation company online and seamlessly share the translated content to your international employees without having to break the bank.

3.      It is flexible

As we mentioned above, eLearning courses can be taken from anywhere and at any time: There aren’t any boundaries here. All you need is to provide your employees with an internet connection and the necessary browsing devices and they will be on their way. This makes the courses flexible for you, your staff, and the facilitators. 

4.      Yields better results

Businesses that have adopted eLearning strategies have reported consistent results in terms of productivity and employee performance. One key contributor to this is the flexibility that comes with eLearning. The fact that employees are able to access learning material from wherever they are implies that the learning process is continuous and consistent. An individual employee keeps refreshing his knowledge over and over at his own pace.

As we mentioned earlier, in-person training seminars are tedious and boring, so many employees attend them not because they want but as an obligation. That alone causes a dip in attitude, which reflects negatively on the overall employee performance.

5.      Leads to higher employee retention

“If you want to attract young and talented employees, then you definitely need to convince them that your company is technologically advanced and fun to work in,” says experts at Animas Centre for Coaching. Among the most important tech advancements that these talents want to see is a sustainable eLearning training program; a fun and engaging training environment. And this is very understandable, really: Online courses help employees learn faster and grow professionally, which is the dream of every young professional out there.