How to Optimize Your Website to Generate Business Leads

As the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, businesses and marketers started to shift their marketing efforts online. 2020 was a huge year for online sales with consumers spending over $861 billion in digital retail just within the U.S. Given the boom in ecommerce, brands are focusing more towards promoting their products or services via websites. This is where effective strategies for business lead generation can go a long way in boosting sales and increasing revenue. 

If you think about it, your web page is an important point of contact between the business and consumer. When visitors are impressed with the interface and responsive website design, they may be encouraged to click on the CTA (call-to-action) and sign up to claim an offer. 

 It’s why you need to find ways to successfully optimize your website. These are a few simples ones that could help you generate leads for better results. 

  • Create an Automated Email System 

This is actually a highly effective technique that you can apply to optimize the web page. Automated emails can be sent to visitors who enter their contact details to access further information or get a discount on their first purchase. These are also known as kickback emails and can convince the consumer to ultimately come back and engage with your business. 

The idea behind this is to showcase that you are invested in building relationships with potential customers. So the first thing to do is ensure that you’ve gotten your branding right. If you own a real estate agency, then it would be a good idea to find a real estate logo generator tool to design your business identity and insert it in your email template. This will ensure that receivers will recognize your brand, and won’t click off your emails. 

Then the emails can have subjects such as ‘thank you for signing up’ or ‘we are thankful for your interest’. You can also include calls-to-action in automated emails which creates an urgency to attract more people to a landing page or website blog subscription. 

Consider this for an example here that might help you get a better insight. If you have an online business that helps people to clean, recycle or sell their old laptops for cash, you can set up an automated email system to generate leads. Visitors or potential clients could get emails directing them to the steps for getting an estimate or quote. 

This will not only optimize your website for higher conversions at the end but also make it easier for you to gain the attention of visitors over other marketplaces or competitors. 

  • Incorporate A Higher Number of Forms 

By adding forms to your landing pages, contact section or any other category of your website where people usually find themselves, you can generate business leads successfully. It is a great way to optimize a web page and keep visitors on it for a long time as well. You can look for areas that generate the highest traffic to your website and then incorporate forms accordingly. 

Sometimes, businesses find that a high number of visitors are visiting inbound links from social media networks or blogs. So the ideal thing to do here is to track the numbers via analytical tools. This way, you can add forms asking visitors for their information on the particular landing page which gets the most engagements. 

When you do this, you can generate a considerable number of leads and nurture them to make a purchase at the end. 

  • Offer E-Books or Information Sources for Free Download

With this strategy, you can merge your email marketing with optimization. As you offer a free download of an e-book or an extensive study in return for people signing up, your email list grows. Once you email those who have claimed the offer the e-book or resource, you can keep them interested with automated emails too. 

So essentially, this is one way to optimize your website that can help you with a lot of things. If you offer visitors the free download after reading a blog, you create content for it which improves the ranking of the website in Google Search as well. Look at it this way. When you are writing a post on a specific topic, you probably research the right keyword which is relevant with your business or industry. 

This way, when people are looking for services or possible solutions on the search engine, the blog can show up in their results. You can end up generating leads organically and give them a chance to learn more about your expertise and business by downloading the free e-book or report. 

  • Track the KPIs of the Lead Generators 

It is important that you pay attention to the performance of the lead generators that are already found on the website. By doing so, you can improve them accordingly and optimize the web page for maximum results. With tools such as Google Analytics, Lead Forensics or Website Grader, you can track the KPIs or key performance indicators of the lead generators. 

These essentially include specific landing pages, forms or calls-to-action (CTA) that draw attention from the visitors. You can find out which ones are behind on their goals and compare them with the lead generators that are meeting their benchmarks. 

So if a CTA that encourages people to ‘join today’ or ‘subscribe’ is not getting enough clicks, figure out how you can turn it around for higher conversions. Compare it with the performance of another one that could be generating more leads and 

convincing people to fill out forms or show their interest. Analyze its language, design, colors and include CTAs that are similar to the one which works. 

  • Keep Nurturing Your Leads 

This is critically to the optimization of the website and your end goals of generating business leads. Once you start to nurture your leads, you can build a wide potential customer base that will most likely make purchases on the web page. Lead nurturing is basically the process of guiding people through the buying process by communicating with them and maintaining a good relationship. 

In the beginning, you need to realize that your leads will not start converting immediately. There is the stage which required you to nurture them. Once a visitor has signed up or filled a form, you should keep following up with personalize emails or customized offers. 

According to research, businesses which invest in nurturing their leads can benefit from 47 percent more orders on average than those that do not nurture them. 

The Bottom Line 

The idea here is to help you with optimizing the website for high lead generation. If you apply some of the techniques given here, you could boost the traffic on your web page, improve its ranking with SEO or search engine optimization and increase conversion rate. In order to generate business leads that results in purchases, you need to focus on making it easier to navigate and follow up with regular emails as well.