Madeira Exotica

Delicious Exotic Fruits from the Madeira islands

Madeira Exotica

Madeira Exótica is the trademark of the company Vieira & Vicente Lda.
Based on the core values of openness, honesty and trust – Madeira Exótica is dedicated to the export of delicious quality exotic fruits from the islands of Madeira to the rest of the World.

The new website Madeira Exótica was developed by Joomla! CMS specialists Navega Bem – Web Design, also located in Madeira.
Miguel Luis, software engineer explained “The site has been created around the latest version of Joomla 3.2. The multilingual site which has been beautifully designed is fully ‘responsive‘ and will adapt to display on any device.”

“We are very excited about the way Joomla! has improved over the years and how functional it has become. Much like the original iPhone which has now become a truly amazing device, Joomla! is very much the CMS of choice for 99% of our projects.”

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To visit the new Madeira Exótica website goto this link:

Distinctive Italy Weddings

Distinctive Italy Weddings upgrades to a responsive Joomla! website

Distinctive Italy Weddings

Italy’s premier wedding planning company ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings‘ have launched their new responsive website.
In response to the rapid transition of users moving to mobile devices to surf the web ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings‘ is ensuring that the fast growing requirement for their services can be handled in a user friendly manner.

During 2013 it was interesting to see the growing percentage of users visiting the site on mobile devices. Over the summer months the amount of users on non-desktop devices went over 50% and the decision was made to update the website.

Joomla! CMS specialists ‘Navega Bem – Web Design‘ were once again commissioned to carry out this important project.
The design brief was basically to keep the highly valued website design intact as much as possible, whilst at the same time creating a ‘responsive‘ website that will adapt to display on any device.

Creative Director Chris Szabo explained “We were honoured to be once again asked to create the new website for DIW and the project took several months to complete. The obvious choice of CMS for this site is Joomla! The newest Joomla! release which is now at 3.x is an amazing platform and much like the original iPhone has turned into something unbelievably efficient and user friendly.”

“Developing websites with Joomla! means we can deliver spectacular multi-lingual sites that are SEO friendly, device independent and simple for our clients to manage themselves without our help.”

Visit the new ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings’ website here.

Madeira Private Taxi Services

Madeira Private Taxi Services site launch

Madeira Private Taxi Services

On the beautiful Portuguese island of Madeira, VIP certified Driver- Guide  Terry Ladeira operates the highly professional taxi company ‘Madeira Private Taxi Services’.
Terry invites you to join him for a journey that offers great flexibility, comfort and convenience.

Terry will to take you to any destination. He will show you some of Madeira’s greatest sights, providing you with wonderful memories of the magnificent island. His aim is to provide you with a fantastic day out and an unforgettable tour.

‘Madeira Private Taxi Services’ have now launched their new website to offer island visitors the opportunity to arrange their travel requirements online before they arrive on Madeira.

Not only can you arrange Madeira Airport Transfers or island Tours, but also Funchal city tours, Cruise liner pickups, Reid’s Afternoon Tea, special occasion dinner pickup, business trips and Golf pick ups.

The new site has been designed and developed by Joomla CMS Professionals Navega Bem – Web Design, who are also located on Madeira island.

Marta Sofia Garçês, web designer explained “The site has developed around the Joomla CMS platform and therefore allows Terry to manage the site all by himself without having to know anything about programming or HTML. Additionally, the site is fully responsive and will therefore adapt to display on any device, be it your widescreen LCD TV or your iPhone in a user friendly manner.
So basically, a website that will work everywhere on any device.”

Visit Madeira Private Taxi Services here.

Chris Szabo, Peter Russell and Joomla 1.5

Pete Russell, original Joomla core team member revisits Chris Szabo, from Madeira, just a year since they first spoke and published a podcast on Joomla! Juice.

Peter says “Navega Bem Web Design, on the idyllic sub-tropical island of Madeira are producing some of the finest Joomla! websites on the planet.”

Chris and Pete speak about Joomla 1.5, e-commerce sites and a new Joomla real estate suite of tools.

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