Palheiro Golf Case Study

We were recently commissioned to redesign the Palheiro Golf web site.

Navega Bem‘ Managing Director Chris Szabo explained that the original design brief encompassed a number of fundamental requirements. The site needed to be dynamic, attractive, easy to view and simple to maintain.”Palheiro Golf specifically wanted to be able to add news items that would appear on the front page, display numerous image galleries, publish its Newsletter, allow registered guests to download hi-res images, provide information on tournaments and allow guests to make comments online.”

“Our experience with CMS platforms led us immediately to Joomla! Open Source CMS. This particular solution is highly flexible when a site requires multilingual capability. Adiitionally, we did not want to use any existing templates – so we created our own unique design and then structured the site around Joomla!”

Palheiro Golf director Jonathan Fletcher explained “Today more than ever it is critical to keep site information as up to date as is possible and Palheiro Golf is now able to do that with its new CMS website. In the past we found it was difficult to get news items and images onto the site quickly. Now with our CMS based site we actually control the complete content of the site ourselves and can add new information and publish it within just a few minutes.

Furthermore, the site is very easy to maintain by my staff none of whom have experience with programming or HTML. The site allows us to edit content via an editor menu similar to Microsoft Word.”

Palheiro Golf Joomla Website

Peter Russell, Joomla’s PR guru and core team member says
“Palheiro Golf website demonstrates the maturity of open source solutions for complex multi-lingual delivery. Less than five years ago a content management system such as Palheiro Golf has implemented would have cost many tens of thousands of euros … Joomla! delivers (with the assistance of professional developers) for a fraction of that.”

“Open Source software such as Joomla! redefines what a small, medium and even enterprise business can achieve without being tied to proprietary software. More flexiblity, more power and more potential without the associated costs. More and more we’re seeing people moving to Joomla! and other open source web applications because there is so much scope for extending features right out of the box.”

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