#Reslogik – Hotel Booking Engine Solution

Reslogik Booking Engine

Convert your website visitors into paying guests.

Reslogik is really easy to manage and comes with all the functionality you need to present your hotel to your potential guests.

If you are looking for a reliable Booking Engine made by hospitality professionals for the hospitality industry – Reslogik is the new solution for small and middle size hotels and properties.

  • Fits easily into your hotel website
  • Works on all devices including Mobile
  • Includes Facebook integration
  • Channel Manager integration
  • Manage all your bookings from one interface
  • Synchronizes to all channels in real time

You can learn more at https://www.reslogik.com/

Perfect booking engine for vacation rentals and self catering properties

Reslogik - The new booking engine solution

Reslogik is the new and highly functional booking engine for small and middle size hotels or properties.

The Channel Manager is focused on Holiday/Vacation Rentals properties. Reslogik offers a myriad of channels that you can display your rooms or properties on. And you can manage all those channels as well as your own website sales through one single user friendly interface.
Availability is synchronized automatically across all channels so you always know which rooms are vacant, which sales you have made and what revenue is coming in.

Property Management System (PMS)

Organise everything from bookings and room rates to reports, statistics and catering for your guests extra wishes. Reslogik has an intuitive Property Management System for every Hotel and Resort! Based in the cloud Reslogik offers a secure hospitality management solution with real time bookings and confirmations.

Includes Mobile Devices
The Reslogik booking engine is fully responsive and adapts to display in a user friendly manner on all devices and at no extra cost.

Includes Facebook Integration
Facebook can help generate an enormous percentage of your bookings and this functionality is available at no extra cost.

Manage all channels centrally
Reslogik makes it very simple indeed to manage all your online distribution from one single user friendly interface.

Beautiful high profile websites
Reslogik also designs and develops attractive user friendly websites that bring you more traffic and more business.

Multiply direct bookings
Every direct booking you get is revenue you don’t have to share. Turn your website visitors into paying guests.

Free future updates
As Reslogik continues to improve and feature new functionality you will automatically have immediate access and at no extra cost.

To learn more about the advantages of Reslogik visit the website here.