SEO 2017: Five Trends You Need to Embrace to Climb to the Top of Google Search Results

SEO Trends

The think tanks at the Google offices never sleep and they love to keep the SEO experts up too. Google search engine has become a sentient being that it is evolving with time, and so are the search engine optimization strategies.2016 saw a marvelous new trend of indexing social media content regularly. This has successfully blurred the lines between social media and web to a large extent. The regular indexing of the social media content on the Google SERPs is a big proof of this transformation. This is nothing short of a revolution for SEO and social media marketing. Let’s take a look at few of these trends that we can borrow from 2016 and continue even in the coming year.

Think about mobile optimization 

This has also been the year of mobile devices. Finally, mobile devices have taken over the legacy of PCs and laptops. More people have started to prefer browsing the web from their phones. So, more and more websites are becoming mobile optimized and more website owners are opting for application based content for befriending Google’s “mobile first” version indexer.

Mobile search has grown by an average of 43 percent this year, and most smartphones and tablets are being used for searching local business information and reviews. If we crunch the numbers, we can see about 1.2 billion people use their phones for daily online activities. Almost 80 percent of today’s customers shop online through mobile applications. All types of mobile applications account for 52 percent of the total time spent by users on online digital media. So, if you have already been inducted to the world of websites and online marketing, we suggest you think about getting your own app for Android and iOS devices soon!

Create mobile native apps for your users

Websites that follow a mobile-friendly pattern see better ranking in the daily SRLs. According to Search Engine Journal, in 2016, 85 percent of internet users prefer using native mobile apps rather than using old fashioned websites. Voice search using Android and iOS devices is another trend emerging strongly. All websites must be designed keeping the ease of access of the AI assistants in mind. This is just as important as selecting the right keywords for SEO purposes. Healthcare websites are no exception; the big names like WebMD and Practo have been in the game all along. For seeing a surge in your sales, you should start working on your website navigation and sitemaps making it easier for AI assistants to access your content.

Rethink your content strategy

2016 has been the year of dense content. All leading search engines including Google have been giving more importance to websites that sport quality content with reliable backlinks. This is a glorious opportunity for small organizations and companies like a dentist’s clinic or a fitness spa to link their website content on content aggregators., and AllTop are few of the most relied upon content aggregators that webmasters have been using this year. You can even perfect your dentist SEO marketing strategies and healthcare SEO marketing strategies by sharing your updated content on reputable social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly. Create verified profiles on social media networks and interact with your customers, clients and patients daily to give your business a human face. Adding a personal humanizing factor to a business works wonders to boost sales. Almost 76 percent of marketers are currently using social media websites to promote their content and support their SEO strategies today.

What is ‘vlogging’?

Vlogging is the portmanteau of the terms video and blogging. It has taken the internet by storm. Almost all websites that have indexed video content get 50 times better ranks (organic) as compared to boring black and white text sites. It has been shown by a survey that viewers are 41 percent more likely to click on video links than click on static text meta descriptions from the SRLs. But generating interesting video content is not enough. If you are using YouTube or Vimeo as your primary video platform, you must accompany the video with a relatable name and keyword infused description. For example, if you are making a dental patient awareness or education video, it is important for you to include words like “dental”, “dentist”, “teeth” etc in the video descriptions.

Think local to think big

Just making a video isn’t enough; you must present it in such a way that all popular search engines are able to locate it. You should definitely include a link to your website on the video or in its description. There is nothing better than creating your own YouTube channel where you can post video content regularly. The name of the channel should be relatable and easily findable. For example, “XYZ dental association” and “XYZ Dental Clinic Videos” are good options where XYZ is the name of your company or practice. Keep sharing your video URLs on other social media platforms to direct traffic to your video(s).

In the recent times, local search results are becoming more important than ever. Local SEO has morphed into a massively powerful determinant of sales and marketing of a local business. Pursuing a local strategy for a local, small practice can be extremely profitable for dentists and dental health clinics. You can optimize your dentist SEO marketing strategies to be optimized for geo-targeted searches so that every time someone searches for a local dentist’s clinic or dental health service in your locality, your company name will show up complete with location and contact information. You can make use of business directories like Qype, Yelp, Superpages and TouchLocal for instant promotion of your services to niche local customers.

SEO trends have been changing even since the concept of digital marketing took form and it will keep changing till the end of the time. Google has improved its search engines and crawlers to understand the needs of the users. As a website owner your main aim should be to provide your users with content they will love.

Author Bio:Michelle Blair has been working with a number of big and small businesses in the country to perfect their SEO strategies. She is a keen observer and follower of evolving marketing trends and that makes her the best in the fields of healthcare, medical, fitness and dentist SEO marketing strategies.

Warning! The Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm will affect mobile searches worldwide. Is your site ready?

Is your website mobile friendly?

The new Google ‘Mobile Friendly’ Algorithm will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide.

Is your site ready? Check right now.

As from April 21st Google will begin officially ranking ‘mobile friendly’ sites. In plain english, if your site is not ‘mobile ready’ it won’t be displayed on mobile devices. That’s a lot of potential clients that may never get to see your site. According to recent studies more than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices.

How do you know if your site is mobile friendly? Test your website here to find out:
Google Mobile Friendly Test

In today’s highly competitive market, having a ‘mobile friendly’ website is not just a good idea – it’s an absolute necessity. The bottom line is if your website is not mobile-ready by the 21st of April, the traffic you get from mobile devices will more than likely be significantly hit as your search engine ranking plummets.

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Renewing your website brings you some excellent advantages

website redesign brings great advantages

Bringing your website up to date with latest technology or just renewing it to give it a new look can bring you some major advantages.

Google loves new content, so adding new text to your site will help give you a better page ranking. Why?
Whenever someone searches for something Google will try and give the best results. Whatever you search for, you will certainly want the latest info and not something that is out of date. So Google will serve new results with fresh content rather than a website with old stagnant info.
Sites with fresh content get pushed up the results listings and old sites go down.

More than 50% of the people currently viewing websites are using mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.
If your website is not able to display on mobile devices in a user friendly manner – you are losing a lot of potential business.
Also, this month (April) Google will begin to rank the sites displayed on mobile devices according to one simple fact; mobile readiness.
A new website will be responsive, get your site displayed on all devices and increase your traffic and your business.

Integrate your Social Media channels into your website.  Having Facebook combined with your website or landing pages from your site built into Facebook can give your business a real boost. Take advantage of the latest technology and make the most of what digital marketing can do for you.

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