Filmmaker & Italy Wedding Videographer – Denis De Luca

Wedding Videographer - Denis De Luca

Filmmaker & Destination Wedding Videographer

“I create stunning Italy wedding videos, films for television, internet channels, television advertising, corporate events, documentaries, ceremonies, special events and any type of audio-visual product.

My passion for capturing the most memorable of moments in a highly professional way has allowed me to become one of the most renowned Italian  wedding videographers.

If you are planning a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast, in Tuscany, at one of the beautiful Italian Lakes or in Florence… get in touch with me to learn how we can together create the most wonderful wedding video of your special event.”

Crystallising your story

Your wedding day is but only a single day in your lifetime that passes by in the blink of an eye. And sometimes, when we attempt to recall exactly what that day felt like, the sights, the sounds, the smells, it is often like trying to remember exactly what happened in a dream. Each time the narrative changes a little and the authenticity becomes lost.

What I strive to do is to capture, and freeze those fleeting but precious moments, and in doing so create a wonderful cinematic heirloom. In this way your Italian Wedding Video will be cherished forever by you and your family, your friends and future generations to come.

Distinctive Italy – Italian Wedding Planners of Distinction

Distinctive Italy Weddings

Italy’s premier wedding planning company ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings‘ have launched their brand new website.
In response to the rapid transition of users moving to mobile devices to surf the web ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings‘ is ensuring that the fast growing requirement for their services can be handled in an even speedier and user friendly manner.

During 2016 it was interesting to see the growing percentage of users visiting the site on mobile devices. Over the winter months the amount of users on non-desktop devices went over 68% and the decision was made to update the website once again.

For the fourth time since 2011  Joomla! CMS specialists ‘Navega Bem – Web Design‘ were once again commissioned to carry out this important project.
The design brief was basically to create a completely new site identity integrating the latest technology whilst focusing on keeping a highly user friendly interface.

Creative Director Chris Szabo explained “We were honoured to be once again asked to create the new website for DIW and the project took several months to complete. The continuing obvious choice of CMS for this site is Joomla! The newest Joomla! release which is now at 3.7 is an amazing CMS platform and much like the original iPhone has turned into something unbelievably efficient and user friendly.”

“Developing websites with Joomla! means we can deliver spectacular multi-lingual sites that are SEO friendly, device independent and simple for our clients to manage themselves without our help.”

Visit the new ‘Distinctive Italy Weddings’ website here.