Welcome to Atrio – An island on Madeira

Atrio Madeira

The Hotel Atrio is a unique 22 room family run hotel located in Estreito da Calheta, on the sunny south side of Madeira Island, just 45 minutes from the island’s capital city Funchal. The charming Hotel lies on the edge of a Eucalyptus forest, only 500m from the Levada Nova and near the Laurel forest which has been designated a natural world heritage site by Unesco.

Hotel Atrio has now launched its new website – after running its original website for 15 years. That is quite a feat!
The new site has once again been developed by Navega Bem Web Design.

Old Atrio Madeira website

Chris Szabo, Creative Director of Navega Bem explained “15 years ago we created the original website for Hotel Atrio. It was a simple static HTML website and served its purpose wonderfully. Such was its effectiveness that the hotel owners were quite happy to keep it running even though it was not mobile friendly.”

“Now that the hotel has been expanded with the addition of several new rooms the decision was made to create a new website and we are delighted to have been asked to take on the project. The site has been developed with Joomla CMS allowing it to be fully managed by the hotel without outside help.”

“This is a fully responsive solution that will allow Atrio Madeira to reach their clients on their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. The site, available in three languages presents the hotel in a new and attractive manner.
An important step in developing this new website was the SEO work developed in the background, this allowed us to guarantee that our client would maintain their already excellent google ranking.”

Take a look at the new Atrio Madeira website here!

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Espuna launches new protective equipment website


is a French manufacturer which has specialised in producing personal protective equipment since 1967.
Espuna has contributed to the European standardisation of PPE. In this respect, the company has always been committed to satisfying its customers by controlling the entire manufacturing line, from the raw material to the finished product.

Espuna manufactures a wide variety of industrial protective gloves of the highest quality for industries as diverse as transport, metallurgy, extraction, security, construction and food.

The new site has been carefully crafted and developed by CMS specialists Navega Bem – Web Design who are located on Madeira island, Portugal.
The multi-lingual responsive e-commerce website was created using the Joomla platform and features sophisticated functionality that culminates in a very user friendly experience.

To learn more about CMS e-commerce websites that you can manage all by yourself visit Navega Bem.

Visit the new Espuna website here.

Madeira Explorers has new Fully Responsive Site

As one of our most loyal costumers, it is our pleasure to present this new site for Madeira Explorers.

A fully responsive solution that will allow Madeira Levada Walks to meet their clients where they already are: their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

The new site, available in three languages presents the already recognized Levada Walks offered by Madeira explorers in a new and attractive manner.

An important step in developing this new website was the SEO work developed in the background, this allowed us to guarantee that our client would maintain his already great google ranking.

Take a look at Madeira Explorers new site today!

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Full Hamptons House Watching Services Website Launch

Hamptons on Demand Estate and Property management

Hamptons on Demand – Estate and Property Management’ have launched their new website

Hamptons on Demand‘ has over 40 years of experience in building, maintaining and caring for homes throughout the Hamptons.

Hamptons on Demand‘ knows how to take care of your home away from home, from concierge services to full estate maintenance. They help owners maintain their East End residences by understanding their clients needs and responding quickly and efficiently to resolve their problems.

The company offers a full array of services including:

  • Property Management / Construction Management
  • House Watching
  • Repairs
  • Construction / Renovations / Extensions
  • Pool Services – open, close and weekly service
  • Landscaping – grass cutting, seasonal cleaning, planting, tree removal
  • Pest Control
  • House Cleaning
  • Concierge Services
  • Errand Services – shopping and stocking refrigerator
  • Personal Assistant Services/ receiving deliveries
  • Catering / Event Planning / Party Arrangements
  • Opening/ Closing House / Winterization

The site has been developed by CMS Specialists ‘Navega Bem – Web Design’.
Created around the Joomla CMS platform the site can be managed by ‘Hamptons on Demand‘ without any external help and therefore easily kept current, relevant and attractive.

To view the new ‘Hamptons on Demand’ website follow this link.

To learn more about professional CMS websites visit: Navega Bem – Web Design.

AUCOLODA – The short-term rental management company


Aucoloda has launched its new website to help home or apartment owners increase their revenue and bookings.

Aucoloda creates and maintains professional and attractive listings for properties on more than 20 short-term rental vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway and TripAdvisor.
They also handle guest booking, key exchange, cleaning, maintenance, and guest communication before during and after each reservation.

Particularly valuable for property owners is that Aucoloda optimises and updates rental pricing daily using an advanced algorithm.

To ensure prominence in the search engines Aucoloda applies best practices to improve a property listings visibility and get it ranked higher in major search engines.

The fully responsive website was designed and developed by digital marketing specialists Navega Bem.

Navega Bem software engineer Miguel Luis explained “The new site has been developed using the world’s most popular web site software available, Joomla. This powerful CMS framework allows our clients to keep track of every piece of content on their web site.
A major advantage of using this particular CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. So our clients are not tied to us and can manage the site easily themselves”

“Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone. This in itself is a major advantage over proprietary CMS software because you are not tied to one single development company. If you want to change your web design company, you don’t have to redo your site.”

To see the new Aucoloda website follow this link: www.aucoloda.com

To learn more about responsive CMS websites you can manage yourself visit Navega Bem – Web Design.

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