The Cork Tree Residences – Retirement in Portugal

The Cork Tree Residences - Portugal

Retirement should be an idyllic time of life and in Portugal, we make this a reality!
The Cork Tree Residences offers a unique and innovative blueprint for retirement living not only within Portugal but also Europe.

At The Cork Tree Residences we have done all possible to create the perfect retirement idyll: Year-round sun, luxury accommodation, organically grown local produce, access to a myriad of services and facilities on tap, close to all cultural events in the Portuguese capital – Lisbon and combined it with a sustainable ethos.

We decided that The Cork Tree Residences should not just offer one type of retirement lifestyle but should be flexible enough to fit the needs of all its discerning clients. It needed to be set within a beautiful and secluded location and yet able to offer easy access to a host of activities such as gardening, sailing, golf, horse-riding, walking and shopping. It also needed to be flexible enough to provide high level and high dependency care if and when the need arises.

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